Digital Academy for Self Awakening

Below gives you a view of the courses available towards self inquiry and self growth. The Spiritual Courses are structured for the purposes of individual self reflection and self awakening. All courses are grouped by category of Self Awareness, Self Acceptance and Self Awakening. 

When you enrol at School of Samaya, you have an annual membership access to all content and courses.
Alternatively have a look at the individual programs and decide from there. 

Study at your Leisure | Engage in questions and answers | Deepen your understanding | Awaken your Truth




Access the Six Stages of Maha Khala and learn how to step beyond though addiction. Discover who you are, what you are and where you are with The Perennial Truth course modules. With over 50 courses of 200+ hours of content, study at your leisure and expand your understanding of this cosmic creation and your place in it.

Six Stages of Maha Khala 
* Over 200+ hours of content

Meditation Suite includes:
Maha Khala with Sound Vibrations
Guided Meditations

21 Days of Maha Khala
Learn about Mudras and Maha Khala
Mantras and Maha Khala
Yantras and Maha Khala
Dynamic Maha Khala

and more in line with Samaya Tantra’s teachings




Access The Great Work modules and journey on understanding who you are, what you are and where you are. Discover practical processes that you can apply in your life for Self Understanding, Self Awareness, Self Observation and Self Reflection. Embark on a journey of Self Healing and Self Rehabilitation.

Know Thy Ego-Self
– Over 50 course modules 

Self Rehabilitation includes:
Inner Child Healing
Understanding your 12 Archetypes 
Discovering your blockages
Becoming aware of Self Sabotage
Energy Management Strategies
Access to the audio and video library
Access to all eBooks

and more in line with Samaya Tantra’s teachings




Access The Perennial Truth modules and discover the cosmic truth of creation and your place in it. Understand what the purpose of life is and the forces of karma, reincarnation, death, the wheels of time and more and how this impacts your feelings, thoughts and the obstacles you face towards spiritual awakening.

Discover the Truth!
– Based on The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul

Understanding offers freedom:
Self Awakening
Self Inquiry
Self Intelligence
Self Liberation
TheRealms of Creation

The Levels of Being
The Gods of Existence
Transcending the Dream

for less than $10 a year… why … because you deserve to experience Divine

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