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Apply Maha Khala in Action

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Step into the Void

Meditation in Action

As we move into Dwapara Yuga, our mental level of beings advance in their understanding and comprehension of who we are. As such by consciously applying Maha Khala in action, one can become master in being in a meditative state at any given time using any activity to come into the present moment and awaken to the higher intelligence that is available. 

Parenting with Awareness

The awakening of mankind starts in the home with fundamental knowledge and understanding of who we truly are and changing who we think our children are and how we should parent them. The spiritual parenting suite offers various courses, resources, activities and tools that can be applied in the home for all members of the family, including free archetype charts and detailed analysis for your entire family when you sign up.

Coaching with Compassion

Our educators play just as important role to our youth as parents. We also forget that most educators are parents themselves and have the stresses of home life that is also carried into the classroom. This programs in this suite not only offer courses, resources, activities and tools that can be applied in the classroom but it will create content and understanding of each child in your class with free archetype references to understand each child better and their learning needs empowering you as the educator to coach with compassion. 

Serving the Greater Good

If we are to move towards the awakening of a new kind, towards Homo-Perennis, the workplace plays just as important role on this journey and it starts with treating employees as people rather than resources to serve capitalism. Equality is not off race, cast or creed, or even title and designation, equality is of time and prana, balancing work, life, spiritually and family values that they are not separate but integrated towards the greater good. Then, as a company, you have effortless alignment to goals and productivity increases. 

Reflections in relationships

The journey to awakening is definitely an internal one but the nature of life is such that lessons are learnt from the people we meet and this in our lives. In this suite you learn more about energy transactions, polarity and relationship compatibilities through free archetype charts for you and your partner when you sign up for the Dynamic Suite. This allows you to understand each other better in terms of active and dormant personas which can strengthen your relationship and foster acceptance that much easier with this understanding.

Understanding the Void

The spiritual journey is like going through the same stages as an education system, Early childhood learning with the Maha Khala Meditation suite in emptying the cup (your mind) rather than filling it with second hand knowledge. Followed by Primary Education, Self Mastery in understanding who you really are, not what society has labeled you as. Followed by Secondary Education preparing you for your Tertiary Education and life itself. These stages are still related to the trance of life. When you are ready the advance courses takes you deeper into understanding the void of consciousness with the advanced courses like, The Gospel of Thomas, The Sutras of Saraha and The Ultimate Vashishta and more. These are live online courses with TLB Kruger.

The life force of consciousness is vibration

This option is only available to those seekers on the advance course. There are 24 sacred Mantra’s and there are specific mantras for enlightenment and the spiritual journey. A mantra is only effective by the grace of the masters and have specific rules to follow for its effectiveness. TLB Kruger is a Kriyaban and initiate of these 24 sacred mantras.

You have been here before and will come again

This is a personal podcast show by Karen Kruger on her journey of understanding Karma for over 46 years now. Karen’s search for understanding death led her to discover the workings of Karma and the wheels of samsara that we create in our lives.


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