Divine Activity

In every activity Divine is showing us what we need to see for our awakening. As much as we teach being in the present moment and the journey of awakening of the soul, when you’re ready you will have to retreat into silence as you won’t be able to fully function in the world.
Being in the present moment is an absolute blessing to tap into the higher intelligence of this cosmic creation for the egos pleasures and desires and that’s living life connected to Divine.
But for awakening, being in the present moment can be quite scary. We had a professor actually comment on what a frightening experience Meditation can be and how one should practice with caution and I couldn’t understand how a Professor of Humanities teaching the subject with a PHD nogal would feel that way but he’s absolutely right.
This morning cleaning the babies beddies and stuff, I run water in a bucket to mop and leave it running because the pressure of the water was quiet low and go outside just to lay out some of their beddie teddies to dry up and air out and all this in the present moment. No thoughts just fully in the activity.
And I’m on high Prana and sorting this out and as I go back into the kitchen the water has overflowed every where flooding the kitchen floors. Now that means more work for me and I could have gotten irritated with my self and annoyed and pulled back fully in the ego burning up my Prana but observing this Karen entity and the non reaction made me realise the witness, the soul was just watching this all happen and in the process consciousness (Divine) was connecting to my own void saying ‘See why I only accept those who are ready to let go of everything!’
And I got it! In that moment of ‘seeing’ the whole, the message was clear.
Get it???
When your last desire is enlightenment you will have to surrender everything because this body won’t be able to function fully and this mind won’t be able to access the ego and you will have no emotions about anything. You will just be!
We need the ego to function in the world. You need the ego to brush your teeth, make breakfast, even meditate. You need the ego to command the body to sit for meditation, to do your breathing.
So Me: Ah so now I understand what we can and can’t offer at the school 🧐
Karma: So can you see why you can’t teach meditation for enlightenment in the western world?
Me: Yeah! 😞
Karma: And can you see why these gifts are just for you? Not for you to keep giving the gifts I give to you away to the world? They are not ready! And those that are will find you!
Me: Yeah! 😞
Whipping so early in the morning. 🤯😬Understand my pain people. 😜This is my silent whispers of constant learning. 🤓Gobsmacking Gratitude for my direct communion with Divine. ✨💜

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