It must be understood that while all courses at School of Samaya benefits your material world, the main purpose of our school is aligned for the awakening of the soul.

The course structure for the online and masterclass programs has 2 primary objectives:

  1. Self Mastery | Master your Ego and you Master your Life
  2. Self Awakening | Step beyond your Ego-Self into the domain of consciousness

Within these objectives there are 3 principles of learning that make up the lessons:

  1. The Understanding  (The Perennial Truth Study Guide) focused on understanding the physical level of being
  2. The Practice (Self Observation of the Ego-Self) focused on understanding the mental level of being
  3. The Experience (The Art of Being with Maha Khala) focused on understanding the causal or emotional level of being

Integrated within the journey of the levels of being is the 7 realms of existence in understanding deeper levels of who we are and our operating systems thereof. 

The course program although structured in a linear fashion is very much integrated. The levels of being work like a spiders web of knowledge, practice and being hence more effort is required when studying at School of Samaya in consciously applying awareness to the habits and conditioning that may hinder your progress. 

Our greatest addiction is thought addiction and School of Samaya is against serving the desires of the archetypes but instead allowing one to rest in the present moment and tune into the intelligence of that moment. But in order for the decoding of that present moment one firstly needs to have the foundational understanding of the cosmic truth, secondly the self discipline in self awareness and lastly the diligent practice of being present. 

School of Samaya takes you on a journey of Self Mastery while surfacing the unconscious towards self awakening.



The Perennial Truth | 17 Modules structured as per Part 2 of the book with further video discourses and self reflection practices for deeper understanding

The Great Work | 14 Modules structured as per Part 3 of the book with further videos and discourses and self observation practices for deeper understanding. 

Ego-Self Profile | 13 Page Assessment profile of your archetypes with further 12 module Archetype course that goes through a journey of healing the conscious, sub-conscious and un-conscious aspects of one’s self through  various creative and self reflection processes. 

Six Stage Maha Khala | 59 step by step guided processes towards moving beyond the ego into the domain of your soul

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