School of Samaya’s Corporate Wellness programs offers the Maha Khala Meditation program that promotes emotional intelligence and mindfulness awareness to reduces stress and anxiety of the employees. The benefits to the employees are not limited to improving relaxed concentration and focus but spills over into their personal lives of self awareness and self esteem. Programs are based on the works of Author TLB Kruger and Transformational Coach Karen Kruger.

Our Vision : Maximising the individual’s potential, through effective training and skills development in Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness Awareness, to effectively manage their minds and to improve their quality of life and well-being. Through these skills, one’s compassion, emotional balance, wisdom and happiness are enhanced, and the world becomes a better place to live in, for many generations to come.

Our Mission To be the destination service provider in training and skills development of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence programs to schools, universities and corporate companies

Goals and Objectives

We Educate focuses on skills development and train the trainer programs to equip the managers with effective mindfulness and meditation tools to maintain wellness in the workplace.

We Empower focuses on the personality assessment profiles that offers a deeper understanding of the employee and needs thereof.

We Inspire focuses on our Maha Khala Meditation toolkit in allowing employees to manage their mental stress and emotional strifes and be present and at peace.

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