Growing up with borderline personality disorder and having a drug addiction, depression and thoughts of suicide every day, searching for something that could just help with the pain from being admitted to Psychiatric Hospitals and going to rehabilitation centers more than once with no results, my dissatisfaction with life was a never ending nightmare. My Ego made me believe I was broken and alone. Starting Maha Khala, I thought it would be just like any other meditation I tried before but damn was I wrong. When I applied Maha Khala and really doing the work. There is no words for the benefits I started seeing from just being in the present moment that I have the power to shift my reality. Maha Khala helped me to take control of my life completely from stopping my drug addiction, taking ownership of 'the dream called life' and cutting this material attachments the ego has made. But most of all Maha Khala has improved my mental health and emotional wellbeing and I am still seeing healing every day !! School Of Samaya is playing a great role in my journey of self rehabilitation and Mental Health. Thank you to the Great Teachers and TPT.
Johan Herbst

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