SOS Sanctuary and Meditation Centre is based in Carlswald, South Africa. Due to the challenges of the pandemic and social distancing this has pushed TLB & Karen to make their programs more available online, including their spiritual coaching and healing services. TLB Kruger is also available for Corporate Talks as an expert speaker on spiritual sciences and his infamous discourse on The Awakening of Homo Perennis for this Mental Age of Aquarius. Learn more on how you can book TLB or services offered by the school to aid in your journey. Spirituality is not something that should be separated from our day to day activities but rather integrated. The true spiritual seeker integrates life into his/her spiritual journey thereby making awakening the highest desire or goal. Your life is lived to its fullest karmic experience preparing you for the higher realms of awakening. To have a spiritual mentor, spiritual guide or spiritual master can aid in understanding for your growth. Spiritual Science Author TLB Kruger has been an avid adept and Meditation teacher for over 2 decades and Karen Kruger is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach for over 18 years and is a mentor of understanding karmic debts and lessons.

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Your level of being determines what you attract

School of Samaya’s Wellness and Meditation center is nestled in the agricultural holdings of Carlswald, in Midrand, South Africa. Some of the programs are group based so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity and get your friends and family to join you. Our center limits the age group from 16+. Our center operates on bookings only, Monday to Sunday from 8am to 10am. Please book your session in advance to avoid disappointment. Fees are per 60 minute session. Enquire about discount rates for more than one session or group programs. Ages from 16+.  Contact us if you have any questions or read up on our FAQ


Online coaching includes details chart and voice analysis


Charts are personalised to your birth numbers.


Additional WhatsApp support based on your charts.


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100% of the proceeds go towards the Sentient Tigers.