Do you believe that you are a bad person for all the past mistakes? Do you believe that a persons purpose is to better himself or herself in being a ‘good’, ‘kind’ human being?

TPT teaches us that everything is a perspective of the mind that we have created and as such life is just a reflection for the awakening that this is just a dream. Moving through life unaware is moving in a hypnotic trance, in limbo….ground hog day.

Today my silent whispers showed me that, there is perfect balance, equilibrium in life. If you took all the bad in the world and put this on one side of the scale and took all the good and put this on the other side of the scale, there would be perfect balance.

So too, within yourself, the scales are constantly balancing itself…..whether you did someone wrong or stole something balances with the good compliment you gave to another or the alms you offered to help someone even if it was just carrying their heavy bags.

See we are conditioned by society to behave a certain way, to think a certain way and to act a certain way and as such this programming forced us into this trance. And we live from fear, fear of becoming the so called bad person we once were or fear of rejection from our friends and family if we don’t walk this trance of life.

It takes a strong seeker, not just a sincere one, to stand up to his/her self. 

This is the concept of opposites attract, why? Because of the perfect balance. If you can accept your other half and his so called imperfections as your perfect half then you can become whole again. I have been shown this in my own relationships over and over again. Just one example of the many, each time Tjaart would loose weight I would put on weight. Stupid, I know but because we have contained our void of consciousness to our world and it’s just us, there is limited objects in this void for Divine to use to create the balance in my world. So take you for example, if you have a large close nett family circle then the balance will be within that void of consciousness because they are all part of your world, getting it. TPT is amazing knowledge when you can apply it into your life. There is so much understanding that change then comes effortlessly and you move forward on your journey of awakening rather than being stagnated.

I have witnessed, how when my energies are negative, he becomes so positive and vise versa. His fears balance with my strength and my fears balance with his force of will. It’s freaky but it’s so cool to observe and when you do this, things just makes sense and life become that game to play and enjoy.


B.I.T.C.H Lesson 101

So what does Karma want me to learn : Accept myself fully, the good and the bad. Stop holding onto the bad parts of me and playing the martyr card and feeling sorry for myself. Understand that I am perfectly balanced and accept all of myself equally. So get up, shake it off and get ready for the new day, because today, the past does not define me!

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