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Become part of a global cause in guiding humanity to the awakening of a new intelligence, Homo Perennis.
Study Online and join Live courses with TLB Kruger for deeper understanding of the knowledge and Course Presentation Structures.

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Meditation Suite
Basic Teacher Training Course

Maha Khala is a registered trademark of School of Samaya. You too can learn how to teach various breath work and meditation techniques including the exclusive Maha Khala programs. Be part of the change the world needs right now and teach oneness and unity.

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Master’s Suite
Advanced Teacher Training Course

The Perennial Truth is copyright to School of Samaya and offers a modern day translation of ancient scriptures for the age of aquarius. Through spiritual and life coaching you not only help others heal and awaken but you deepen your own understanding of The Perennial Truth.

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Dynamic Suite
Master Facilitator Training Course

Working with energy awakens your higher intelligence of this cosmic creation and the laws that govern it. Expand your skills by not only teaching and coaching but facilitating group programs and workshops in awakening intelligence towards Homo Perennis.

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The first journey is to become a member and choose the suite of your choice. These courses are all part of the teachers training programs separated into specific suites to make your learning easier. Once you have completed all the course modules, you can register for the relevant teacher training suite for access to the Portfolio of Evidence requirements & Assignments for assessments and qualification as a teacher. The fees are once off teacher training registration fees which includes your teacher assignments, portfolio of assessments, certification and registration as a teacher with School of Samaya.

If you believe you are ready sign up for Level One and start your journey. Assessments are done through submission of a written assignment, questionnaire and comprehensive portfolio of evidence which should include pictures, journals, videos and student testimonials. 


We are on the journey of awakening which holds various milestones to pass through and one of them is the evolution of Homo-Sapien to Homo-Perennis. In this day and age of aquarius, the mental age, more people are questioning their existence and meaning thereof. However there are those few who have gone through their mental chaos and search for deeper understanding and truth in the hope for oneness and unity. Becoming a Perennialist Coach empowers you to guide those still lost and confused with fundamental understanding of their existential experience of life and their purpose in it. This ripple effect guides us towards acceptance of all Sentient Beings and Oneness as a kind…Homo-Perennis…One Truth, One World, One Kind! It is here that true compassion and joy awaits us all for the next journey of the awakening of consciousness. So a Perennialist Coach plays an integral role in guiding people towards finding their own truth and moving humanity towards Oneness, towards integration with Divine, with Consciousness.

None, just to be a Sincere Seeker. The less you are in the intellect the more you can question and realise as your own truth. If your cup is full, no opportunity for growth is possible. 

All content is available on our scheduled courses and online learning platform. A Perennialist Coach is one who has mastered himself and as such embodies the knowledge and wisdom. Self mastery is a journey but having the foundation of knowledge and applying it in to your own life equips you to help others. Hence the journey is yours to walk first before guiding others.

Start with the membership modules and then move onto the teacher training registration:

Meditation Suite prepares you for Level One TEACH

Masters Suite prepares you as an Advanced COACH modules

Dynamic Suite prepares you for the MASTER program as a Prime Perennialist

Think of it as a journey rather than a goal. Once you start the programs this becomes part of our life’s activities hence you integrate spirituality into your life rather than it being separate. As such time cannot be measured on this journey however each process or suite overlaps and supports your progress. In giving you some indication of time : The Meditation Suite should take around 6 to 12 months to master if you are a beginner, shorter if you are a meditator. The Masters Suite should take around 12 to 24 months to master, shorter if you have read The Perennial Truth Book and applied the Maha Khala Six Stage Meditation practices in your life. The Dynamic Training Suite is ongoing even after you become a qualified SOS Master Perennialist.

First and foremost, just focus on you and your own journey of self discovery and start with either reading the book or going through the process of the Maha Khala Meditation App. Experience will make you a great Perennialist Coach. Document your journey in your book of life journal. If you are sincere in your quest to become a Perennialist Coach then learn to keep a daily Book of Life journal and document your experiences and realisations from every process done. This will come in handy when completing the assignments and questionnaire. For the more technical savvy, add voice notes to your journey. This can all be submitted as part of your portfolio of evidence and will strengthen your position to become a Perennialist Coach. Note: keeping an online journal may be best as it will be easier for POE submission.

For SOS Level One you are ready, trust me. For the advanced programs, you will know you are ready, when you start studying from your life’s experiences rather than from the course manuals or discourses. When Self Observation becomes effortless, acceptance becomes natural and when you just know it’s time to give back.

Yes you can.  SOS is a non profit cause serving the Greater Good hence our teacher training program is aimed at those who wish to contribute towards this cause and earn a living from it. Read more in each membership suite on what qualifications you will gain and how you are able to generate an income from this cause whilst still giving back.

In addition to your membership fees for each suite, there are once off course fees for each level of training: $99 for Level One; $199 for the Advanced Level and $299 for the Dynamic Master Perennialist course. An annual membership renewal fee of $99 is paid by the qualified teacher each year thereafter. SOS’s Teachers Training programs work on a Franchise model and hence we focus on collaborations and partnerships rather than structured costs to make the programs more affordable instead on one large course fee. This also gives you an opportunity to start generating income that can fund your next phase of growth making it more financially viable. 

Franchise models are customised by revenue potential and increasing support to our overall cause and projects within each community. 10% of revenue fees are donated to SOS for administrative costs, 10% is allocated towards your projects of choice and 80% is paid to you the Teacher. A simple agreement structure to the benefit of creating awareness towards awakening consciousness. 

Being a Master Perennialist  is multidimensional :

At Level One : Teach  
You qualify as a Maha Khala Teacher with the skills to guide and teach Awareness, Breathwork and Meditation techniques. 

At the Advanced Program  you qualify to Coach any and all as below at your own Samaya Tantra Wellness Center:
Advanced Breathwork Coach
Advanced Meditation Coach
Energy Management Coach
Energy Vibrational Healing
Self Awareness Coaching for Adults
Self Awareness Coaching for Teens and Young Adults

Self Awareness Coaching for Kids & Tweens
Life Coaching
Spiritual Coaching

At the Master Perennialist Level you become a Practitioner in Teaching, Coaching , Healing and Facilitating group workshops and courses focusing on :
Spiritual Parenting 
Classroom Calm 
Workplace Wellness 
Tantric  Relationships

Workshops include
The Perennial Truth
The Great Work
Know Thy Child
The 12 Faces of the Ego
The Trinity Syndrome
The Alchemy of Prana

Yes. SOS is accredited with the International Practice for Holistic Medicine focused on mental health and wellness. SOS is also locally accredited with Services SETA and the South African Council for Educators (SACE)