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School of Samaya is a Not for Profit, Non Governmental, Non Discriminatory and Non Denominational Cause serving The Greater Good in Humanitarian Awakening and Environmental Care.

We are a privately owned sanctuary dedicated to the Awakening of the Soul

School of Samaya is an Internationally Accredited cause serving The Greater Good. Our core mission is the Awakening of Consciousness. In Life this manifests as Awareness, Intelligence and Compassion. Samaya Tantra is our Meditation School that offers Health Wellness, Spirit Coaching, Vibrational Healing & Internationally Accredited Certificate Training Courses to guide you beyond Life’s challenges. Our continued journey of over 30 years now, focuses on integrating our lives within the mystical powers of nature. This has lead us to adopt our exotic pets Amar, our gorgeous siberian tiger and Tara, our cutely fiesty bengal tiger.  Read more on the Mythical Powers of the endangered Tiger and why we have adopted Amar & Tara.

With the age of Aquarius in its chaotic phase of change we have expanded our services to offer more Online courses and Onlive Masterclass programs with Tjaart:

School of Samaya  is predominantly our Digital Academy of affordable Internationally Accredited eCourses |

The Perennial Truth is the foundation of wisdom that the school is based on |

Maha Khala is the exclusive online Meditation Toolkit that teaches you the art of being |

Samaya Tantra is the wellness sanctuary in Midrand, South Africa offering private group programs |

Samaya Kids & Samaya Teens offers online courses | |

Meditation in the Classroom is our SETA & SACE Accredited Mindfulness programs for Schools |

Meditation in the Workplace is our SETA Accredited Mindfulness programs for the Workplace |

Know Thy Ego  offers in-depth archetype profile assessments and consultations |

When you do a program at School of Samaya you engage directly with Tjaart and Karen however neither one takes any proceeds from the organisation. Read More about Tjaart and Karen. All donations for any of the services and programs offered stays within the organisation to fund its environmental and educational projects of The Great Work. Hence you contribute towards a greater cause when book with School of Samaya and any one of its business units.


Samaya refers to a set of teachings to help you towards self realization and preserving your life force energies. Tantra is an ancient body of beliefs and practices which, working from the principle that the universe we experience is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of the divine energy of the godhead that creates and maintains that universe, seeks to ritually appropriate and channel that energy, within the human microcosm, in creative and emancipatory ways. And as such Tantra is The Way of the Senses. Hence in Samaya Tantra, we hope to bring you the knowledge and teachings of Tantra to guide you to managing your stress, and living a mindful and happy life through understanding and self experience.

It is often taught that there are two schools of Tantra, the left-handed path and the right-handed path, depending on the nature of the practices. However, these two are actually divisions within one school, that of Kaula Tantra. The other two are the Mishra and Samaya schools of Tantra. All systems or methods of Tantra fall into one of these three schools, though there may be many subdivisions within these three.

The Kaula Tantra school utilizes external practices and rituals, while the Samaya school is completely an internal process. The Mishra Tantra school mixes the external practices and rituals, along with internal practices. The three schools are progressively higher, with Kaula Tantra being the lower, Mishra Tantra going further inward, and Samaya Tantra being the highest for those who are prepared to do the advanced practices. By being aware of all three schools of Tantra, one can more wisely see how Tantra might fit into his or her personal spiritual practices, not limiting one’s scope to the choice between the two Kaula Tantra paths. Each of the three schools of Tantra believe in purifying of the body, breath, mind, and the latent impressions called samskaras, which are the driving force behind karma. The purifying process is called bhutashuddhi, which means purifying of the five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space in the various ways in which they manifest.

Each of the schools of Tantra also practice methods for awakening the spiritual energy of kundalini, though the methods and the height attained in that kundalini awakening may differ. Some of the methods of Tantra are taught under the names Kundalini Yoga or Kriya Yoga. Higher than both the Kaula Tantra and Mishra Tantra schools is that of Samaya Tantra. It is a purely tantric practice, without any external rituals. Its entire purpose is Self-Realization, ultimately leading to moksha, final liberation. Tantra is the path of the senses. We focus on all levels of being within this which is Physical | Mental | Emotional | Soul

We are all caught up in our daily routines of Life and Samaya Tantra guides you on using your senses, and applying this within your levels of being, in your daily routines to bring you closer and closer to the present moment and in a constant state of wonder and connect with not just your Soul by Divine and ultimately Consciousness as a Whole.

For the past 10 years, Tjaart and Karen have been co-owners of their own business, Nemesis Distributors, which is the exclusive licence partner for NIKE Accessories for the African Continent. In addition Tjaart has his own race car business and Karen manages Kruger Publications, their dual publications business as well as School of Samaya.

In 2004 Tjaart and Karen started the School of Samaya Non Profit Trust Foundation to focus on expanding their Great Work of uplifting humanity through coaching and guiding others like you towards understanding yourself and your life. By sharing their own experiences, Tjaart and Karen aim to pass on some of the secrets to you and others on becoming the creator of your own life. In this way worldly desires hold no ransom to the awakening of your soul.

Get to know them better….

TLB Kruger has been studying spiritual sciences for three decades and has taught over 2000 people how to meditate and be in the present moment. His vast knowledge and specifically his Satori’s have made him today’s prophet who is sharing and resurrecting the timeless philosophy of Tantra and how to move through life with awareness and intelligence.

Tjaart is a Chartered Accountant by profession and spent 20 years in the corporate sector as the CFO and CEO of successful businesses. Yet this wasn’t enough for him. His yearning for Divine understanding and the search for God propelled him to travel the world to seek wisdom and guidance from various masters. Tjaart would say that his favorite of favorites is the teaching of Vasishta. Although Vasishta was way beyond his time, many millennia ago, Tjaarts study of this work over the past decade has brought all his studies and experiences together to finally get closer to making sense of Death and the key law of the Trinity…..Continuity!

Tjaarts is steadily moving closer to self realization while still being active in the world, and loves to share his experiences with others through his writings, workshops and talks. As a westerner, he is determined to convey that it is possible to grasp the answers to questions immemorial, like who we are, who God is, and the nature of the soul in this existence.

While in meditation, Tjaart was shown the Maha Kala technique, which is a Spacial and Dynamic Meditation process that allows you to enter the present moment, and step beyond thinking, at will. He shares this technique in his books and seminars.

He has been blessed to be in the company of many wise ones :

Swami Rama : Founder of the Himalyan Insititue of Yoga and recognised Yoga Master. Swami Rama resided in his Ashram in Rishikesh in the foothills of the Himalyan mountains. Tjaart’s growth deepened with his numerous retreats to the ashram and interactions with Swami Rama. It is here that Tjaart first realised his connection to the Himayan lineage of masters and his establishment as a Kriya-Ban who shares initiation into the Himayalan Kriya. His understanding of Prana – Life Force – became the foundation of his practices.

Sai Baba : His visit to Sai Baba led him to discover the way of the Sufi’s, and how to integrate the heart with a western lifestyle.

Osho –  Sri Sri Bhagwan Ragneesh: Osho introduced Tjaart to Taoism, and the sciences of Zen and Tantra. Osho’s non-orthodox methods and frankness propelled Tjaart to free his mind from conditioning and to walk his own path.

Sri Sri Ravishankar : Founder of The Art of Living Foundation. Tjaart was a teacher of the foundation for 10 years and he became a Trustee for the foundation for 5 years. Tjaart’s experiences with Sri Sri Ravishankar deepened his desire for a greater understanding of the truth. This yearning for a deeper relationship with the Divine, led him to take his own sabatical from the corporate world and explore his own inner guidance.

Other influencers and figures of study were westerners like George Gurujef, PD Ospensky and Marsilio Ficino.

Through all his explorations Tjaart started expressing his experiences and wisdom, brought through him by the Divine, in sticky notes and journals and any form of writing paper, to document the knowledge being given to him. After 4 years of self-reflection Tjaart started putting these notes together in one journal and was then inspired to create a didactic novel entitled Keys of Yama.

Keys of Yama is a fictional story with adventure, humor and great characters that depict some of his own spiritual experiences. A Tale of Fiction, yet the Story of Truth, Keys of Yama takes its reader on a spiritual adventure.

Continuous requests by students, and passionate urgings from his wife, Karen, propelled him to create a non-fiction book entitled The Perennial Truth. This book has three main parts. The first is a mini-biography of his spiritual journey. Part 2 shares the actual Perennial Truth of existence. And Part 3 gives techniques that allow the reader to observe the truth for themselves.

These masters and mentors were the stepping stones that brought Tjaart to writing and to Tantra. They continue to inspire and guide him on his journey.

In ancient times the Perennial Truth was known as the Maha Tantra. In this context Tantra meant “a system of knowledge”. Many people blindly stamp Tantra as a sexual path of physical satisfaction. This is far from what Tantra really is and Tjaart is now determined to provide insight into the true secrets of Tantra and how to move through life with awareness and intelligence while serving the awakening of the soul.

Tjaart is the founder of School of Samaya, a non profit organisation offering various talks, workshops and projects for the upliftment of humanity.

Author name: TLB Kruger

Publications: Keys of Yama – Stepping beyond the threshold of Death, The Prince of Gold – A Mindfulness Story for Kids, The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul

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