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100% Volunteers paying it forward for the greater good

TLB Kruger

Spiritual Science Author

Knowing the truth is not enough! Only when you apply it does it become part of your understanding.

Key Note Speaker

Author 78%
Key Note Speaker 92%
Spiritual Science Adept 99%
CEO & Business Owner 57%
Meditation Coach 75%

Karen Kruger

Spirit Coach

The purpose of life is to surrender to the present moment.

Mother of Tigers

Mother of Tigers 92%
Spiritual Seeker & Guide 99%
Tiger Sanctuary Manager 83%
COO & Business Owner 42%
Author & Blogger 61%

Marlany Naidoo


Success is strength of family and connections made in this world with the ability to pay it forward

Head of Projects at SOS

Ambassador 89%
Sponsorships and Donations 92%
Fundraising 61%
Volunteer Program 79%
Corporate Executive 72%

Keshan Naidoo


Spread Love and Joy

Head of Operations

Operations 92%
Volunteer Management 99%
Meditation Center Manager 83%
Finance and Accounts 65%
Sales and Publications 77%

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We’re all just volunteers and we’re here for you! Help us take this knowledge to those in need by being the voice of SOS and getting our products to people who need them the most. Join us on our magical adventures of awakening and support of our projects in your community.