TLB Kruger

Spiritual Science Author

Knowing the truth is not enough! Only when you apply it does it become part of your understanding.

Key Note Speaker

Author 78%
Key Note Speaker 92%
Spiritual Science Adept 99%
Meditation Coach 95%
CEO & Business Owner 57%

Karen Kruger

Spiritual Science Coach

The purpose of life is to surrender to the present moment.

Mother of Tigers

Mother of Tigers 92%
Spiritual Seeker 99%
Spiritual Coach and Vibrational Healer 83%
COO & Business Owner 42%
Content Creator & Facilitator 61%

Keshan Naidoo


Spread Love and Joy

Head of Operations

Operations 92%
Business Manager 99%
Teacher & Volunteer Co-Ordinator 83%
Finance and Accounts 65%
Sales and Publications 77%

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