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TLB Kruger and The Perennial Truth - Awakening of the Soul

When I began my spiritual journey twenty six years ago, I was submerged in the river of life, and unable to make sense of its ever-changing currents. I found myself reaching out in desperation, searching for some branch of wisdom from beyond my perceived reality, so that I could drag my perception above its surface and see existence for what it truly was.

The Perennial Truth is such a branch. Contained within it is an unchanging truth that will help you understand who you are and why you are here, giving you the tools to meet life’s currents head on, and rise above them. The Perennial Truth provides context, which gives rise to understanding. Understanding fosters acceptance, and acceptance leads to trust and ultimately to an appreciation of reality as it is.

I cannot show you the truth of the present moment, because a moment’s truth is ever-changing. The Perennial Truth, however, does not change. When you understand its higher context and you begin to apply it to your life experiences, each moment’s truth will then be revealed to you with unquestionable clarity.