School of Samaya is a Global Academy of Spiritual Science Studies based on the ancient teachings of Tantra and the Awakening of Consciousness. SOS is a non profit trust organisation with 3 trustees, TLB Kruger, Karen Kruger and Keshan Naidoo. Read More about SOS. TLB Kruger is a Spiritual Science Adept and Author of over 30 years and the teachings of SOS are based on the foundation of TLB’s publication The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul. Karen Kruger is a Reiki Master and Energy Vibrational Healer and Coach of over 20 years and offers coaching and courses within the SOS Programs and Services. Karen is also the content creator and course program director. Keshan manages the operations of the Wellness Sanctuary in South Africa as well as our Teacher Co-Ordinator programs.

School of Samaya’s sole focus is on the path of awakening. The Journey of the Soul. However this journey includes self mastery through life’s experiences, hence SOS programs is an OUTSIDE IN approach to awakening consciousness. And as such this is a niche market for those who have achieved their successes in life and wish to transcend this trance of life. There is a lot of great knowledge out there available to live a better life but sacred knowledge on transcending the dream is always kept secret for the sincere seekers. SOS is aimed at guiding these seekers towards their awakening from the mundane existence of pain and suffering and the trance of life. Are you a sincere seeker?

If you are not sure, buy the book and start there or get the meditation app. Our Maha Khala mobile App is a more commercial program that offers a training technique for mental health and wellness. This is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store platforms.

Have a look at our programs that details the memberships, subscriptions and courses that you can choose from.

And sign up to our FREE resources : Awakening of the Soul Podcast Show and The Perennial Truth Webcast Channel for more about what we teach and what you can become part of. The world needs more Spiritual Teachers to educate and guide humanity towards their awakening, wherever they are on their journey. 

Yes, we have various product options that you can purchase for Kids & Tweens and Teens and Young Adults. The Suites however are restricted due to the program modules. Choose your option of choice by browsing the SHOP menu. 

We have 3 Programs : 
Meditation Suite, Masters Suite and Dynamic Suite

The Meditation Suite is the first basic program that you should start with. If you have been practicing meditation then you can sign up for both the Meditation Suite and the Masters Suite. See more details on each program. If you are happy with your studies you can move onto the advanced Dynamic Suite. 

Awakening is a journey that cannot be rushed. When you study a module, one should go through the whole suite at least 3 times because you are evoking different archetypes and different levels of understanding emerge from this. Understanding this Cosmic Creation is not one dimensional.

When you are comfortable with a Suite and passionate about the journey the best way to deepen your understanding of the practices and knowledge is through teaching, coaching and facilitating workshops. When you are ready to contribute to the greater good, then sign up for the teachers training program. 

Payment terms for registration categories by Suite is over a 2 year period of completion for the Suite chosen. For general products bought there is a once off payment as per the product price. The courses materials may be updated and upgraded and hence the two year period allows you enough time to complete your studies of a suite. For the teachers training annual membership fee, you have annual access to the membership of choice.  

Payment method is done via PayPal secure payment options with credit card facilities as well. 

You absolutely can cancel by deselecting the renewal option. After your current registration term, you will not be charged any registration fees. 

Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds. Please be sure when signing up or purchasing any product.

Yes we have a variety of options that we can offer : Friends and Family discounts for more than 10 persons signing up or our Corporate packages for 20 persons or more. Contact us for more details.

Absolutely not. In fact, The Perennial Truth and with TLB Kruger’s guidance you will be able to understand your religious scriptures more deeply and be more committed to your path. We call TLB the modern day translator of ancient scriptures 🙂 Take a listen to our Free Podcast Show or Webcast Channel first, if you are not sure about signing up. 

Follow us on our various social media channels for free inspirational quotes and messages. We have offered some channels like our Podcasts and Webcasts free. School of Samaya is focused on those who want to go beyond the wheels of samsara hence our content is very focused on the awakening of consciousness.

Yes absolutely. We are grateful to have members who wish to become part of the organisation and help us educate others. See more for our teacher training programs.

TLB Kruger has studying with many eastern and Webster masters who have reached Samadhi. Having TLB Kruger as a western adept who practices the teachings offers you the student ancient wisdom for modern day understanding. TLB teaches us how to integrate spiritual sciences into our daily lives. The practical tools and techniques makes you experience the knowledge rather than just understand it and this leads to your own truth for your awakening.

SOS serves the greater good. We have a distraction free platform, no advertising, no marketing, no affiliates. The focus is on the content and the programs in ensuring you get the most to help you towards your awakening. And by having TLB and Karen you have lifetime life and spiritual coaches without any extra costs.  In addition to support via whatsapp you become part of an exclusive real time WhatsApp group forum for sincere seekers just like you.

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