School of Samaya is a non profit CSI department of Nemesis Distributors CC. SOS is also registered as a trust foundation with 3 trustees, TLB Kruger, Karen Kruger and Keshan Naidoo. All three serve SOS as their volunteer give back to the greater good. Read More about SOS.

School of Samaya is very focused on the path of awakening. The Journey of the Soul. And as such this is a niche market for those who have achieved their successes in life and wish to transcend this trance of life. There is a lot of great knowledge out there available to live a better life but sacred knowledge on transcending the dream is always kept secret for the sincere seekers. If you are not sure, buy the book and start there or get the meditation app. Our Maha Khala mobile App is a more commercial program that offers a training technique for mental health and wellness. This is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Yes, we have various options and members suites to sign up for. Choose your option of choice. 

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PayPal secure payment options with credit card facilities as well. Donations are also done via me.paypal

You absolutely can cancel by deselecting the renewal option. After your current membership term, you will not be charged any membership fees. 

Yes, if you cancel within the first 3 days you get a full refund. Due to membership funds going towards our projects and cause, as funds come in it is allocate to a project immediately for expenses of that project. As an example for food for the Tigers. Hence our rules are be sure when signing up 🙂

Yes we have a variety of options that we can offer : Friends and Family discounts for more than 10 persons signing up or our Corporate packages for 20 persons or more. Contact us for more details.

Absolutely not. In fact, The Perennial Truth and with TLB Krugers guidance you will be able to understand your religious scriptures more deeply and be more committed to your path. We call TLB the modern day translator of ancient scriptures 🙂

Same as our rely to the second question, our talks and knowledge are for the sincere seeker and not suited to the more commercial markets.

Follow us on our various social media channels for free inspirational quotes. We have offered some channels like our Podcasts and Webcasts at more affordable subscription fees and ope to a wider market. Again for those sincere seekers what we offer and the prices we offer is bringing ancient knowledge to your home, priceless. In addition you are supporting a great cause and you’re part of the family towards the awakening of a new kind of being, Homo Perennis. For free resources there is a lot available on the internet by some awesome people 🙂