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School of Samaya’s teaching is based on the ancient knowledge of Tantra (5000 BC), and is not associated with the Buddhist interpretation of Tantra. The practices taught by School of Samaya (SOS) focus on internal experiences rather than external rituals. The knowledge taught by SOS, called The Perennial Truth, deals with the role and awakening of individual consciousness within creation, ultimately leading to a state of oneness with the collective consciousness, which is beyond creation.

When one immerses oneself towards their higher purpose and aligns to Divine’s guidance, blessings flow into the physical world and this ripple effect allows one to be free from pain and suffering of the mind and to attract abundance directly from Grace.

The Perennial Truth and Maha Khala is copyright to TLB Kruger and School of Samaya. Our courses are also accredited by the International Practice for Holistic Medicines for Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing.


According to Samaya Tantra, your entire life experience takes place within your own consciousness. Much like a dream, with your ego at the centre of the dream, everything in life is experienced within, and nothing you experience is outside of your own consciousness. Your world perception is simply a controlled hallucination of your mind, based on the electrical impulses the brain receives from the senses.

In order to experience something that is truly from beyond the limits of your senses and your mind, your consciousness first has to become completely unattached to what it is perceiving. It has to become hollow and empty. Only then can something from the collective consciousness enter your consciousness directly, rather than by proxy, through the senses. The cup of consciousness therefor has to be truly empty of attachment to your world perception for something divine to enter.

Samaya Tantra has “oneness” at the root of its teachings. It reveals how to awaken consciousness at the physical, mental, emotional and ultimately the purely spiritual level. This is known as the “breaking of the seals” to achieve liberation from the trance called life.

Our main meditation technique, called Maha Khala, uses the sense experiences of the mind to enter the surface of the present moment. And from the present moment it helps you to go deeper and connect to your consciousness that contains your perception of the present moment. Maha Khala is a registered trademark of School of Samaya.


School of Samaya (SOS), was first established in 2006 as an alternative healing and wellness centre and has since evolved its service offerings and programs to an international audience through our digital platform of Self Education programs. SOS offers ancient wisdom in the form of modern day techniques and knowledge that can be applied in your daily life. In this manner spiritual practice can be integrated with daily activities rather than being apart from it. This approach results in a natural union between living and being.

Holistically, the school’s aim is to help mankind evolve and awaken to a new level of consciousness, enabling the mental evolution of Homo Sapiens into Homo Perennis – a kind of human that is integrated with the natural world, rather than existing apart from it.


TLB Kruger has been teaching meditation for over 2 decades and has taught 1000’s of seekers. In 2017 he published The Perennial Truth – Awakening of the Soul which documents his journey as well as giving the reader a contextual understanding of who we are as a kind, why we are here experiencing life and how to realise our true self and true potential.

Karen Kruger, a soul mate to TLB Kruger, has been an avid student first and foremost. As a Reiki Master and Energy Vibrational Healer of over 15 years, Karen’s coaching lends itself to an intuitive guidance of channeling in overcoming Karmic debt and Karmic lessons. Karen’s focus on the Teen and Young Adult Empaths drives her to guide the youth towards their own understanding and awakening of who they are.

Both Karen and Tjaart have their own business in the mundane world but their souls craving for spiritual awakening pushed them to create SOS as their give back to the greater good of uplifting humanity towards Homo Perennis. SOS not only serves the awakening of intelligence but on this journey their gratitude to nature lead them to save two Tigers from the export beauty and medicinal trade in South Africa. 

Karen and TLB’s passion for nature, as the door to awakening, escalates their cause The Voiceless, for little did they know, that these two Sentient beings would be the source connection for the Maha Khala Meditaton App which was revealed to TLB during his daily meditation processes with them. If you are visiting South Africa be sure to book a Meditation Retreat with Amar & Taara

100% of the donations from all programs at SOS go towards the care and wellbeing of Amar and Taara as well as over 100 wild birds, 3 families of wild Geese and over 50 wild Guinea Fowls. As SOS grows, Karen and TLB hope to expand their cause, through their programs, to as many countries as possible, creating oneness and unity. By studying with SOS, you not only do good for your self awakening but for a great cause as well.

We hope to serve you through this platform dedicated towards the awakening of your soul…Much Love Karen & Tjaart


Serving the Greater Good


Paying it Forward 

100% of the proceeds from the SOS programs go towards our Tiger Foundation for the care and wellbeing of Amar and Taara at the Tiger and Meditation Sanctuary in South Africa…….READ MORE


Note : School of Samaya lays the foundation of it’s teachings on The Perennial Truth and the Maha Khala which are copyright and registered trademarks of SOS and TLB Kruger. Hence our Accreditation lies in the authentic credibility of alternative health and wellness practiced by TLB Kruger for over 3 decades now and Karen Kruger for almost 20 years now. TLB and Karen are the primary facilitators for all programs on this platform.