A New Global Religion

It’s important to understand what time we are in. We are at the beginning of a new great age, a great year.

It is true that it had begun earlier. But it’s like summer, spring already because that begins at the turn of the winter solstice. In the heart of winter, at the solstice, the shortest day of the year, the turn has already happened, the new age has already been spawned, been created. But the new year only really becomes visible to the eye.

When the first flowers appear, when spring arrives, from the darkness of winter, spring is born. And we now in the time of the spring of the new great year cycle. That is what Aquarius represents an age of knowledge. And from this knowledge from the perennial truth, a new religion will be born. This new religion will be a world religion. This religion won’t be limited to geographical areas like the religions of the Dark Ages. 

This religion will stand the globe, just as the technology today spans the globe. And this religion that will be established will be fundamental to establish common values, across the entire globe. And from these common values across the globe, the new global governance will be established, not just the collaborative level of governance, but a governance that could be considered a global governance. But one must understand that this global religion that will arise from perennial truth, will still be a religion. It will still be something that serves society. It will still be something that is at the surface of life. What it won’t be, is the true meaning of the perennial truth, the deeper meaning. See everything has meaning on the surface and then there’s a deeper meaning, a meaning that is deeper than what is required by society.

Society’s requirement is to be governed. So the perennial truth will, when it becomes a religion, global religion or when it spawns a global religion,  will be there just as much as it is required to establish a new value system on the planet because that is the role of religion. Religion is Law, religion is a customs, culture and with along with a new religion, a new culture will be established, a more inclusive culture, culture that accommodates all sentient beings.

But for the individuals who seeks awakening the religion will not be sufficient. The individual seeking awakening from the dream called life, will still be required to not just go along with new customs and new rituals and new values. More work on a personal level will be required to surpass the conditioning of the body, the conditioning of the mind and the conditioning and the sense of identity.  So the wider adoption of perennial truth will not be at its deepest level. The worldwide adoption of perennial truth will be in the form of a new global religion.

Listen to the podcast on how we have become a conditioned society and in this mental age of Aquarius, change is unfolding and hence the ‘chaos’ that Covid has brought onto the world for this awakening.

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