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When I began my spiritual journey twenty six years ago, I was submerged in the river of life, and unable to make sense of its ever-changing currents. I found myself reaching out in desperation, searching for some branch of wisdom from beyond my perceived reality, so that I could drag my perception above its surface and see existence for what it truly was. The Perennial Truth is such a branch. Contained within it is an unchanging truth that will help you understand who you are and why you are here, giving you the tools to meet life’s currents head on, and rise above them. The Perennial Truth provides context, which gives rise to understanding. Understanding fosters acceptance, and acceptance leads to trust and ultimately to an appreciation of reality as it is. I cannot show you the truth of the present moment, because a moment’s truth is ever-changing. The Perennial Truth, however, does not change. When you understand its higher context and you begin to apply it to your life experiences, each moment’s truth will then be revealed to you with unquestionable clarity.

TLB Kruger founded School of Samaya as a non profit trust foundation in 2004,  teaching thousands of students about self mastery and self understanding, to better understand who they are in this cosmic creation of life. Since then the foundation has evolved to the SOS Tiger and Meditation Sanctuary in Carlswald, South Africa and now in 2020 introducing School of Samaya as an Internationally Accredited Online Academy of Spiritual Sciences.  SOS is focused on the Awakening of Consciousness and the evolution of humanity towards it’s higher intelligent self, Homo Perennis. As a non profit cause, SOS serves the greater good. 100% of all fees are donated towards the SOS Tiger Sanctuary for the care and wellbeing of these Sentient Beings.

The Perennial Truth is the truth that does not change. It gives you something to hold onto while you explore the ever-changing currents of life. Like the soul, The Perennial Truth comes form a realm that is beyond creation. It allows one to view life from a higher context, like a picture of the completed puzzles on the box of life. Each of us interprets life and its events according to our personal level of understanding. The questions we ask, causal patterns we discern, connections we make, and facts we assume leads us to infer and come to conclusions that are personal to us, and therefore subjective. The body of knowledge provided in this book describes the constituent parts and workings of known reality and our existence within it. You are the observer, the immortal, the unchanging witness. The Perennial Truth enables the awakening of your immortal being. This level of being cannot be observed or studied directly. You can only become it.



Awakening Understanding

Break the chains of your Karmic Debts and Lessons through understanding and revitalise your physical world and overall health. Create the life you desire.


Awakening Intelligence

Take back power over stress, anxiety and depression through understanding this cosmic creation, your ego, it’s 12 personas and your soul’s place in it.


Awakening Acceptance

Find that unlimited source of love that is within you. Through the journey of awakening you learn how to accept yourself fully and embrace your magnificence, your true self. 


Awakening Potential

School of Samaya has an Outside In approach to awakening. Learn how to integrate spirituality into your daily life’s activities to serve your highest purpose, the awakening of your soul.



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100% of all Membership and Subscription Fees and all Courses Fees go towards our the SOS Tiger and Environmental projects. SOS is a not for profit cause managed by selfless volunteers. Read More on our projects….


Ronwynn Oosthuizen
Ronwynn Oosthuizen
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Loving the app!!!!
Sandra Mendes
Sandra Mendes
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The Maha Khala is great and will definitely give people an experience they can believe in and that’s what makes all the difference. It’s when you apply it and feel it’s like effects that it becomes real. The Maha Khala is a wonderful technique that has assisted me in developing a deep understanding of who I am. I can finally say I truly love and accept who I am. With so much negativity and social media influence around it’s an essential technique that creates a feeling of positivity and happiness within - it has resulted in improved relationships with my family and an overall feeling of well being.
Kiona Gopichand
Kiona Gopichand
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I’ve never been the best at school, let alone communicating with others but with a bit of self reflection and the realization that I’m in control of my own path and also applying The Perennial Truth knowledge to all my challenges has changed my perspective and continues to change my perspective of this life every day as long as I keep learning and practicing... I’ve not only learnt so much about myself but about others as well and I’ve seen an improvement in the relationships I have with my friends and family... As someone who’s an almost crippling empath with slight OCD and ADHD, depression and anxiety, Every day was a battle for me and even waking up in the morning was an achievement for me yet not so much to the people around me... When I first got introduced to meditation and breathwork my ego got in the way and my expectations got the best of me... I told myself “If I tried meditation and breathwork once and it didn’t work, then it’s never going to work and what’s the point”, I was completely wrong... One of the most famous sayings in the world is “Practice makes perfect”, cliché right? Don’t underestimate it... Having amazing teachers also played a huge role in my understanding and I highly recommend studying with School of Samaya.
Marlany Naidoo
Marlany Naidoo
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The present moment was an illusive idea. Just be was none the easier. Until I found TPT and the practice of Maha Khala. When my mind is wondering at 200km/hr, the technique has helped me find focus and silence from thoughts. With my children, it means I can be fully present and enjoy the moment with them. At work, it means less effort to get the job done, and for myself it means I no longer consume myself with thinking. I am grateful for the knowledge and a tool that makes being present practical and not just an idea.