Spiritual Parenting – Know Your Child

  • know your child with astrology & numerology
  • discover the master principles of spiritual parenting
  • understanding children of the aquarius age
  • expand your awareness of crystal, star, earth & indigo kids
  • learn energy healing techniques to apply for the family
  • understand the power of crystals for healing children
  • learn natural therapies of aromatherapy & reflexology
  • make yoga and meditation family time
  • define your family values
  • uncover the secrets of mindful parenting
  • connect to your own innerchild
  • create the family you desire




Product Description

Learn the ancient secrets to spiritual parenting
Understand who your child really is
Understand your role and purpose as a parent
Understand the archetypes of your child
Learn mindful coaching techniques to your child and teen

Spiritual Parenting
Know your Child
12 Archetypes of your Child