Breathwork in the Classroom


The purpose of breath work is to increase awareness and harmony in both the mind and body. The link to the body is the breath hence breathing techniques are used to reduce stress and anxiety of the mind. This course teaches you great techniques to be used especially during exam stress and academic pressures.

In this course you will learn to:
Understand the concepts of Meditation & Mindfulness
Understand the age development of children
Understand different emotional behaviours by age
Understand the 4 levels of a child’s being
Understand Pranayamas (Breathing Techniques) and their purpose
Learn over 50 breath work techniques
Facilitate various lesson plans
Facilitate breath work games

Benefits of Breathwork :
Develop mind awareness.
Learn how to use their minds in a healthy way.
Manage stress through breathing, awareness and meditation.
Build relaxed awareness and focus.
Increase confidence and positive self-image.
Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group.

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Product Description


  • What is Mindfulness
  • Different types of Mindful programs
  • The 4 Levels of a Childs Development
  • Child Development
  • The Benefits of Pranayamas (Theory & Practical)
  • Curriculum Integration & Extra Income for the school
  • Lesson Plans


  • You will be able to facilitate one on one breath work sessions
  • You will be able to facilitate classroom breath work  sessions
  • You will have a range of lesson plans to use as required
  • You will be able to bring calm to the classroom
  • You will be able to bring clam to an individual student
  • You will have alternative techniques for corporal punishment

Computer literacy is helpful as resources are accessed via our online website.

This is a great program for parents, professionals and educators working with teenagers.

Maximum 12 week program of 200 hours.

After completion of each degree you receive a School of Samaya & IPHM Accredited Certificate of Training as as a Breathwork Facilitator for the Classroom

School of Samaya
International Practice for Holistic Medicines