Become a Mindful Coach for Teens & Young Adults


Become a Mindful Coach for Teens and Young Adults. This program will introduce to you to various yoga & mindful philosophies 
& practices for teenagers. The purpose is to expose you to a variety of 
topics & techniques to inspireand ground you as a Mindful Coach for Teens. Being a Mindful Coach refers to facilitating emotional intelligence to teenagers through various activities which includes yoga and breathing exercises. This is a great workshop for anyone who loves working with teenagers and wishes to earn additional income or start their own business. It is also a great program for Life Orientation educators and facilitators, and especially for parents understanding their teens better and having the tools to help them. The program targets teenagers from 13 to 18 years and Young Adults from 19 to 25 years.

The MC4T is a comprehensive  program covering: In this program you will not only gain the tools to become a Mindful 
Coach & Facilitator but you will also venture through your own personal 
self discovery and self growth.

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Product Description

Part 1 :
What is Mindfulness
Understanding Teenagers
Different Emotional Behaviours
Diet & Nutrition

Teenagers are evolving in this day and age of technology and are so focused on mental energies that there is no balance with the physical body. We take a look into the physical, mental, emotional & social developmental needs of teenagers. The characteristics of each age group determines the learning objectives & yoga practiced.

Age Group Dynamics (Emotions & Nutritional Info):
Anxiety & Trauma

Understanding the Anatomy:
We focus on the physical body anatomy related to development, Co-ordination, Spinal Column, Core Strength , Safe Movements, Why Yoga?

In this section we also look at how the teenagers body is changing and how this affects their emotional state of mind. Who are you? We also focus on the external part of who we are and what we project to the world. Body Postures, Body Care, What you Wear and what that projects to the world etc. 

In this program you will get:

Part 2 : 
In this section we start connecting their bodies with their minds and finding the link by using breathing techniques to then help them realise and find their true purpose.

Yoga, Breathing & Meditation
All About Yoga
Traditional yoga philosophy
8 limbs of yoga
Yamas & Niyamas for Teens
Overview of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Various  Yoga Poses
Sun Salutation routine
Breathing techniques
Yoga Nidra exercises
Meditation practices

Part 3 :
Mindful Activities
Coaching Techniques
Do’s & Don’t’s

The biggest issues with teenagers in this day and age is they don’t have a higher purpose and hence they feel very unsatisfied with their lives. This is a program that goes through self love, self esteem, self acceptance and how to deal with our emotions and much more in a mindful creative way. We work through the inner self and look at all aspects that affect that including social media, academic pressures, family demands and peer pressures. Your will get activities for each of Mindful Programs. This is combined with the yoga and meditation programs but is not limited to these activities.

We also go through parent workshops and how to make parents understand their teen better.

Part 4:
Business Management
Various options of program structure and set up
Venue & Set Up
Marketing and Advertising

These sessions will present the skills for you to become an exceptional Mindful Coach for Teens. We take you though all the details of starting your own practice and the options in doing this. We give you best practice advice, tools and tips to starting and managing a successful business practice.

This is a 3 in 1 program:
1. You can run one on one coaching sessions
2. You can run group workshops
3. You can run yoga and meditation programs in schools

Certification Procedure

After completion of the program you get a Certificate of Training after your present a case study of teaching yoga and the mindful activities to teens. These can be your own children as well.You would need to submit 1 assignment and case study. These are simple and easy assessments to ensure you are working through the program and also adding your own personal intuition in the process as well as to guide you in starting your own practice as well. Once the case study is submitted you will then be emailed your Masters Diploma Certificate in Mindful Coaching for Teens.

MODULES: Mindfulness | Archetypes | Life Purpose | Self Healing | Hatha Yoga | Mindful Coaching  | Manifestation & Visualization | Meditation and Self Observations


QUALIFICATION: Mindfulness Facilitator for Teenagers and Young Adults