Become a Spirit Coach for Adults


Become a Mindful Coach for Adults is a comprehensive 
program covering:

1. Inner Child Self Growth Journaling

2. Inner Child Self Healing

3. Crystal Healing Coaching

4. Chakra Balancing Coaching

5. Colour Therapy Coaching

6. Aromatherapy Coaching

7. Intuitive Energy Healing

8. Spacial & Dynamic Meditation Techniques

9. Ancient Chakra Third Eye Meditations

10. Present Moment realization

11. Coaching with Numerology

12. Coaching with Astrology

13. Law of Attraction and Finding One’s Purpose

14. Vision Board Manifestation

15. Yoga & Meditation

16. Business Management

17. Certification Process

$120.00 $29.99


Product Description

You will not only gain the tools to become a Mindfulness Coach & Facilitator working with Adults but you will also venture through your own personal self discovery and self growth. The program is integrated and covers the aspects noted below. This is a fully inclusive program.

COURSE DETAILS : We take you though all the details of understanding what Mindful Coaching is and the different ways of Intuitively knowing what your Clients needs are. We also guide you on starting your own practice and the options in doing this. We give you best practice advice, tools and tips to starting and managing a successful business practice.