Become a Lets Play Yoga Facilitator


Become a Yoga Facilitator for Kids & Tweens

This program will introduce to you to various yoga & meditation philosophies & practices empowering you to facilitate yoga programs for kids and tweens. This is a great workshop for anyone who loves working with children and wishes to earn additional income or start their own business. It is also a great program for pre-school and pre-primary Life Skills and Life Orientation educators, and especially for parents to add this program to your school program or home routine. The program targets children aged 3 to 12 years. You will not only gain the tools to become a Yoga Instructor for Kids but you will also venture through your own personal self discovery and self growth. Find out more about our Mindful Coaching Program for Kids & Tweens to enhance your service offering.

The program is integrated and covers the aspects noted below. This is a fully inclusive comprehensive program that gives you so much more.

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Product Description

Part 1 :
Introduction to Yoga and the principles of Yoga
Understanding Children and why yoga is beneficial
Understanding the Physical Development of Children
Understanding Emotional Development of Children

Just as Kids Yoga is designed specifically for children – different groups of children have different needs. We take a look into the physical, mental, emotional & social developmental needs of children. The characteristics of each group determines the learning objectives & yoga practiced with each group.

Age Group Dynamics (Emotions & Nutritional Info):

Understanding the Anatomy:
We focus on child anatomy related to
Spinal Column
Core Strength
Safe Movements
Yoga Pose Assists

Part 2 :
Yoga, Breathing & Meditation
All About Yoga
Traditional yoga philosophy
8 limbs of yoga
Yamas & Niyamas for children

Overview of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Various Yoga Poses
Sun Salutation routine
Breathing techniques
Yoga Nidra exercises
Meditation practices
Mudras for Children

Part 3:
Business Management
Venue & Set Up
Marketing and Advertising

These sessions will present the skills for you to become an exceptional Yoga Instructor for Kids. 
In addition we support with information on starting and running your own successful business:
Space and Venue
When to plan workshops
Aftercare and School Programs etc

We take you though all the details of starting your own practiceand the options in doing this. 
We give you best practice advice, tools and tips to starting and managing a successful business practice.

Certification Procedure
After completion of the program you would need to present a case study of teaching yoga and or the mindful activities to kids. These can be your own children as well. Please keep a record of the practical hours you spend teaching kids yoga. We request the written assignment and video to be sent to us via dropbox or wetransfer. The practicals should be recorded and sent through with the written assignment for assessment. Your Masters Diploma Certificate will then be emailed to you.

MODULES: Origin of Yoga | Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras | Yamas & Niyamas | Mudras | Mantras | Practicals


QUALIFICATION: Lets Play Yoga Facilitator