School of Samaya is a non profit company specializing in training and skills development. Our programs focus on self mastery through Emotional Intelligence  and Mindfulness Awareness. We have a specific framework of knowledge that underpins all the programs giving context to the learning materials for easy understanding and comprehension.

Our Facilitators TLB Kruger and Karen Kruger have over 50years of spiritual science experience, knowledge and mastery of the programs they offer.

Together Facilitators TLB Kruger, International Author of Keys of Yama, Maha Tantra-Way of My Soul and Reiki Master and Spiritual Science Coach Karen Kruger Meditation in the Workplace and Classroom offer you their personal attendance to experience the knowledge for yourself.

School of Samaya is a foundation driven by passionate volunteers serving the Greater Good. We are about developing people on all 4 levels of their being : Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Through this we assist people in reaching their objectives through their own realizations of their inner strength and powers. Organizations benefits from our programs as it brings natural integration and mindful awareness to the workplace.

We have the right service quality programs for you within the emotional intelligence and wellness categories of learning. Our eLearning platform is a perfect platform for individuals and professionals to use our services for effective time management and still offer training programs to your employees at their leisure  :

Self Mastery:
We offer programs for your personal self growth and self development

Training & Facilitator programs:
Our objective is to empower people to embrace their powers and through our vast array of user friendly, easy to understand facilitator and practitioner training programs
you are able to start your own practice in the alternative healing arts for your own family and/or for the community.

Mindfulness in the Workplace:
Our variety of soft skills offers a new concept where emotional intelligence meets mindfulness awareness on an eLearning platform
For Onsite programs and more please visit our dedicated website

Mindfulness in the Classroom
We offer numerous Mindfulness Teacher training eLearning programs for educators as we understand the high demand on their time.
We also offer onsite programs, please visit our dedicated website

Mindfulness Retreats
We have a center in Mauritus where we offer 4 & 8 day retreats twice a year. Our customized C-Level executive workshops are a must to review.

Our Moto : Move with Awareness

School of Samaya is registered with the International Practice of Holistic Medicines (IPHM) hence we offer you quality programs that are accredited.

Our eLearning platform offers the following Training & Skills Development Processes:
Design and Development
Pre-Assessment / Post Assessment
Follow-Up Reporting
Certificates of Attendance
Formative / Summative Assessments
Workplace Assessments Including Unit Standard Alignment

Our programs are developed with the intent of self experience and self realization so every activity is carefully planned by a panel of quality assessors to provide the bmost effective form for learning. The learners are able to take with them their activities as reminders for their continued practice after the program. Each module also has more than 1 activity to ensure we target each persons needs. We fully understand the nature of the individual being and hence through our learner assessments we are able to fill the gaps with what is required for each learner individually.

Some of processes included in our programs include:

  • e-Books & e-Manuals
  • e-Learning solutions for Human Development and Human Resources Soft Skills
  • Interactive, outcomes-based programs
  • Youth Programs
  • Management Development Programs
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Women Empowerment Programs
  • Team & Organization Simulation & Integration
  • We offer top down or bottom up customized programs

Our Course Materials include but is not limited to:

The Formal:
Facilitator Guides
Participant Guides
Assessment Guides
Assessment Tools
PowerPoint Slides

The Informal:
Role Playing
Creative Art processes
Group processes
Video masking

Why eLearning
The work environment has become more demanding on the time of their employees that it leaves minimal room for team building or integration programs. An elearning platform creates a virtual communication platform of integration of the employees and promotes stress free, self motivated individuals.

  • Promotes self commitment of the learner
  • Allows the learner a more relaxed environment for learning
  • Targets the individual needs in the timeframe they need to complete their programs
  • Less compliance focused and more personal engagement of learning
  • Less forced change of behavior which is short lived and more self observation and lasting improvements
  • Less peer pressure stress, self anxiety, self doubt and more interactive communications with peers on the learning materials thereby promoting integration and unity and oneness which promotes self confidence and leadership

The Principle Benefits of eLearning

  • Promotes the effectiveness of self experience
  • Aligned to the unit standard of emotional intelligence of self and that of others
  • Promotes inclusion in terms of different types and range of achievement; physical disabilities that can be particularly supported by e-learning; different social and ethnic groups; and gender.
  • Learner engagement through education and motivation
  • Dynamic and innovative processes of learning
  • Creative & Effective processes of learning
  • Formative and Summative assessments
  • Ease of use which can be completed outside of the work environment as well
  • Cost effective


Tjaart Kruger:
Tjaart is a qualifed Chartered Accountant who has been studying the Mindful Arts for over 30 years. He is now an International Author and has already produced several successful publications in the self development and mindfulness areas. Tjaart has studied with authentic masters of the East in understanding emotional intelligence, self mastery and life purpose. He has integrated this knowledge into his own business with his own employees and has seen the difference in really creating the work life balance for people. Tjaart has taught over 1000 people on his Mindfulness workshops in South Africa alone. Tjaart has been teaching and giving seminars and talks for over 25 years now. You can view further details on or on TLB Kruger or on his linked in Profile or Facebook Profile

Karen Kruger :
Karen is a qualified Outcomes Based Facilitator and Life Skills Facilitator. Her expertise and knowledge extends to Montessori Teaching Philosophies and Early Childhood Development. Karen has been studying self mastery and mindfulness practices for the past 15 years. Karen has also been volunteering and working with children doing mindfulness programs since 2004. Karen has also created a Mindfulness Series of books and resources for children. Karen is active with running programs for kids, tweens and teens as well as facilitating mindfulness programs with adults. You can view further details on Karen at or on her Linked In Profile or Facebook profile

School of Samaya is a non profit company. Proceeds of our programs service various projects:

  • Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town
  • Bursaries for individuals
  • Pay it forward program with corporates – For every program that a company registers with us 10% of the nett proceeds goes towards running mindfulness programs to the CSI project of their choice.
  • Pay it forward program with schools & universities – – For every program that the school or university registers with us 10% of the nett proceeds goes towards running mindfulness programs to the CSI project of their choice.


Legal Entity Details:

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Registered Unit Standard :
Unit Standard:
NQF: Level 5
Credits: 4


Browse through the list of courses and choose the one you wish to do. Click on the link to buy the course and they will take you through a registration and payment process.

Once payment is received and confirmed you receive a notification with login details to your eLearning Hub. Your course materials will be available for your to kick start your learning

Please be sure before payment is made as there is no cancellations or refunds.

How do I register as a student:
Once you have chose your course, click on the buy now tab and it will take you through a registration process. Once in you will receive a notification to start your course.

How do I get my materials:
This is an eLearning platform with an online hub. This means that you will be able to login from any device and go through your materials at your leisure.

Can I download the manuals:
No. You are able to access your course materials at any time through our online eLearning platform

How do I pay:
You can pay via credit card : Payfast or via Paypal

When do I start:
Once we receive payment you will receive a notification of confirmation and your access to the manuals will be immediate

Can I finish before the allocated maximum time:
Yes Absolutely. The more dedicated you are the quicker you finish.

Can I cancel after I have registered:
Unfortunately not as you would have already received the materials. We advise that you be sure on your decision when you register

Do I get a refund if I change my mind:
Unfortunately this is an online platform and in terms of managing the platform we cannot process refunds. You get access to your course manuals immediately (24hours) once payment is received. We again urge you to be very sure before buying for a course.

Do I get credits on the courses:
School of Samaya is registered with a few Educational and HR Bodies. Contact us to find out more about your country details

Is the courses accredited:
Yes. We are accredited with the International Practice for Holistic Medicines